Edamame soy bean
April 16, 2010, 14:17
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The Edamame soybean plant grows groups of bean pods that have 2-3 beans per pod. It is ready for harvest in 85 days. Free Shipping on orders over $20 This variety of soybean is prized for its high yield and excellent nutty flavor. There are typically 3 beans per each bright green pod. This is a mid-early maturing type variety. Organic IQF Frozen Whole Edamame ( Soybean)- 100% Certified: ORGANIC IQF/Frozen Soybean (Edamame) in pod Natural Green, yellow or brown color Individually quick frozen from fresh. "Have you ever eaten edamame? They're basically just boiled baby soybeans still in the pod and sprinkled with salt. When the soybean pods are heated up, the seeds easily shoot out.
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